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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a theoretical perspective used to describe treatment that is:

  1. Useful in everyday activities,
  2. Identifies specific behavior that is measurable,
  3. Understands the function of the behavior and designs a program that is effective,
  4. Documents all procedures so the program can be used by multiple teachers,
  5. Uses research-driven behavioral concepts to develop techniques, and
  6. Generalizes to other settings, other behaviors, and across time.

ABA involves many different techniques, including Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Verbal Behavior (VB), Naturalistic or Incidental Teaching, and Pivotal Response Training (PRT). These ABA techniques can teach children with autism social skills, communication skills, adaptive behavior, executive functioning skills, and academic skills. ABA methodology can also be used to reduce disruptive or tantrum behavior. ABA can be used while the child is sitting at a table (which is what many people think of when they hear the term “ABA”) or when a child is playing with peers at school. The ABA services at BNS are individualized for each child, developmentally appropriate for the child, and culturally sensitive to the family. The goal is to teach the child skills he/she can use in everyday life, across many settings and with many different people.

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