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Geriatric Evaluation

Who should have an evaluation?

Patients see a neuropsychologist to evaluate a range of problems related to cognitive, social and emotional functioning. Areas of assessment include:

  • Memory problems
  • Concentration problems
  • Attention difficulties
  • Problems thinking clearly and logically
  • Language difficulties
  • Capacity to make legal, financial, or medical decisions
  • Monitoring of cognitive functioning in chronic illnesses such as:
    •     Multiple Sclerosis
    •     Parkinson's Disease
    •     Huntington's Disease
    •     Alzheimer's Dementia
    •     Stroke and Vascular Dementia
  • Changes in personality
  • Feelings of loss or depression
  • Feelings of fear or anxiety

Why Evaluate Now?

An early diagnosis has many advantages.

  • Time to make choices that maximize quality of life
  • A better chance of benefitting from treatments
  • Reduced anxiety about unknown problems
  • More time to plan for the future

What is the outcome of an evaluation?

Your evaluation will result in a clear understanding of your current functioning.

We will provide a report for your medical record with clear recommendations. We will schedule a meeting with you and your family to discuss the results and treatment options.

Quality of life

Our goal is to improve your quality of life.

  • Treatments to improve your functioning
  • Ways you and your family can accommodate areas of difficulty
  • Helpful resources

Why Come to Boston Neuropsychological Services?

We provide immediate appointments and prompt results.

We take our time to make sure your concerns are heard
and addressed.

We value family input andwill answer any questions
you and your family have.

We work closely with your referring doctor.

Our memory disorder and dementia specialists are
published in the field of neuropsychology and have been
trained at such places as Harvard School of Medicine
and Boston University.

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