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FAA Neuropsychological Evaluations

In what circumstances might the FAA require a pilot, pilot applicant, or air traffic controller (ATC) to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation?

There are certain medical and psychological conditions that have the potential to interfere with an airman’s or air traffic controller’s ability to safely conduct the responsibilities of his or her position. Therefore, the FAA may request a neuropsychological evaluation to further evaluate the potential for problems related to various medical or psychological issues. A list of these conditions can be obtained from The testing required for FAA evaluation depends on the diagnosed disorder.

Who can perform these evaluations?

The FAA requires that the neuropsychologist performing these evaluations must be board certified or board eligible. Additionally, the neuropsychologist must have received specialized training in aeromedical evaluations, including CogScreen-AE and for some types of FAA mandated evaluations, HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) training. 
Dr. Robyn Kervick, who is Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology, has completed CogScreen-AE and Basic HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) certification and is familiar with all of the tests and criteria required by the FAA.

What does the evaluation involve?

The evaluation involves a comprehensive interview with the neuropsychologist, review of records, and administration of neurocognitive and psychological measures. The specific assessment battery varies depending on criteria established by the Federal Aviation Administration, but evaluations typically involve administration of CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition (a computerized test battery that was specifically designed to provide assessment of skills that are predictive of problems related to aviation), as well as further assessment of some or all of the following domains of functioning:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Language 
  • Learning and memory
  • Sensory motor
  • Visual-spatial ability
  • Attention and processing speed
  • Executive Functioning
  • Academic Achievement
  • Personality and psychological functioning

Will the evaluation be covered by insurance?

FAA mandated neuropsychological evaluations are not covered by insurance. As the focus and purpose of this evaluation relate solely to your capability to perform your flight responsibilities rather than the type of evaluation requested by a physician for clinical diagnostic / treatment purposes, it is fraudulent for us to send a bill to your insurance company, even if we are in-network providers. This is standard practice for these types of evaluations and not unique to our office. Payment is due at the time of your testing appointment.

How can I move forward with scheduling an evaluation?

Please contact our office at 781-559-8444 or complete an online request at When you contact the office, inform the administrator that you are seeking a FAA neuropsychological evaluation. In order to expedite the process, when contacting our office have a copy of your FAA letter and be prepared to fax or email it to us. The purpose of this step is to ensure that you are receiving the type of evaluation required by the FAA. This step will help you avoid paying for unnecessary services or omitting crucial information. Additionally, have the name and contact information of your AME available. If you If you do not yet have an aviation medical examiner (AME), click here to go to the FAA's AME locator.

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