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Forensic Neuropsychology
Where brain science meets legal acumen

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Why BNS Forensics?

Our Mission is to provide our clients with compelling, scientifically driven services. We are committed to utilizing and integrating current research, record review, neuropsychological data collection, observation, and in-house peer review to deliver objective, state-of-the-art reports and testimony. We pledge to provide our expert opinions in an effective, ethical, clear, and unbiased manner.

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We have been entrusted with multi-million dollar cases for a variety of reasons:

The Right Clinician

We have experts in a wide variety of brain injuries and other neuropsychological syndromes, (e.g. toxic exposure, slip and fall). We have staff trained to work with individuals in every age group.

Free Case Review

Before detailed work on your case begins, a preliminary discussion of your case is offered to determine whether our services will be of benefit to you and your client. If the neuropsychological evidence is not likely to be helpful, we will tell you up front.

The BNS Team Approach

Our team approach ensures that our reports and our testimony are compelling. The lead neuropsychologist assigned to the case must present the evidence to a panel of other BNS neuropsychologists who try to represent the opposing side in the case. The final report that is sent to you is scientifically based, worded compellingly, and has survived multiple attacks by qualified professionals. This enables us to stand behind our product as a company and we provide this service at no extra cost to you.


Our staff are well-trained by leaders in the field at institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Cornell University, Children’s Hospital of Boston, Boston Medical Center, the University of California at Irvine and the Yale Child Study Center.


We understand the time and financial pressures involved in legal proceedings. Our forensic cases are given top priority for scheduling and for assigning the clinician best suited to the case.

Our staff includes some of the most experienced neuropsychologists in the field. We have seen hundreds of traumatic brain injury and neurological disorder cases. Our staff have been well trained by leaders in the field at institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Cornell University, Children’s Hospital of Boston, Boston Medical Center, UC Irvine, Brigham Young University, and the Yale Child Study Center. We have specialists for all age groups, from age 0 to older adulthood.

Our evaluations are scientifically driven and utilize the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art procedures available. We will evaluate the presence and severity of brain pathology in cases of confirmed or suspected brain injury, document the extent of the functional deficits or disabilities, the probable causes of the deficits, any limitations to competence or daily functioning, and probable prognosis. An evaluation includes a record review (see below), testing, interviews, observations, a clear and comprehensive integrated report, and verbal feedback about the rendered opinions.

One of the BNS services that attorneys consistently describe as the most valuable is reviewing the often vast and complex medical history of their clients. Our goal is to transform what often starts as a confusing, jargon-filled, lengthy history into a concise and compelling story. Reviewing the history enables us to connect the dots, create a timeline, and talk about the causal events that led up to a client’s current status.

Many times an insurance company wants an independent opinion about the functional deficits a client demonstrates. We can conduct an evaluation or a case review and provide an objective, independent, expert opinion.

In addition to conducting an evaluation or review and/or providing expert witness testimony, BNS neuropsychologists are available for private consultation. We provide the same high quality analysis and provide education and advice that is held to the same standard as the opinions we give that may provide the foundation for future expert witness testimony.

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