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I have been using Boston Neuropsych now for several years. It has historically been very difficult to find competent, timely, willing neuropsychologists to assess the injuries to our clients. This group is outstanding. They are responsive, thorough, timely, well credentialed and willing to testify. I will use no other neuropsychologist group and would recommend them without reservation.

Mark A. Abramson

You’re the first person in this whole process who’s made sense.

Parent of a 14-year old

Thank you again for your comments and the referrals. Your comments helped me argue, and the team has agreed to an IEP for John.

Parent of a 9-year old

We want to thank you for your thoroughness and responsiveness and attention to detail.  You’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.  It’s obvious that you care about Jonathan, and it shows in your work.

Parents of a 16-year old

Your comprehensive review of the medical records was helpful in establishing alternative interpretations of the plaintiff's deficits.


Your testimony made the difference in my case. Your honesty about the strengths and weaknesses of my case was refreshing and appreciated.


Very knowledgeable of neuroanatomy and cognitive sequalae secondary to TBI.


Your critical review of the opposing neuropsychological evaluation was instrumental in the settlement of our case.


This was a lot of fun! Are we going to do this again tomorrow?

7-year old

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